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Picture this...

It’s 6am in a downtown dance studio and your stomach is roaring


Most people would have heard that noise and been fearful to see a baby Godzilla in the room, but you’re familiar with this same old morning scenario.

Just like 150 other performers with lululemon bras and high ponies dotted across the studio:

You have woken up at an ungodly hour…

Skipped breakfast (can’t look bloated on audition day)…

And hyped yourself up on caffeine in anticipation of the director (hopefully) accepting you into your next dance gig…

Booking this job means food on your table, it means you can make that FB post “Honored and excited to announce…” #bookedandblessed, and finally a feeling of accomplishment from the literal YEARS you have spent studying dance in preparation for this moment.

But you don’t have the job…yet.

You do a few plies to warm up, retouch your make-up in the mirror, and spend the last few agonizing minutes staring at the door that you will walk through to be accepted by the director…

…or rejected again.

Time creeps by until they finally call your name - mispronounced but whatever - to join the group of dancers heading into the room

Deep breaths...

Anxiety and your baby Godzilla hunger pains well up in your stomach

…But you shove them down and keep your cool as the choreographer assembles you and 30 other women in a straight line.

You take a deep breath and silently scream to yourself, “Here we go!”

Like a scene from a horror movie, the room slowly goes quiet until all you can hear are the echoing footsteps of the director as she slowly struts up the line of dancers, inspecting each of you for weakness.

“Thank you.” The first dancer in the line crumbles in disappointment. She’s going home.

“Thank you.” Another dream stolen right in front of you.

“Yes.” O, thank goodness she gets to stay.

“Yes.” Another dancer accepted. Maybe you have a shot too?

The click of the director’s heels on the marley dance floor gets louder as she approaches you.

3... 2... 1...

Your turn. With cold unblinking eyes you hear the familiar words, “Thank you” from the director

A cold feeling of rejection hits you in the stomach like a punch.

Cut again? Really!? They didn’t even see me dance…

What follows is a river of emotion.

Shock. Anger. Fear. Sadness. Even more anxiety.

But you clamp your mouth closed and put a cap on the waterfall of emotion threatening to burst out of you. You need to keep it together until the director finishes her long walk down the line of dancers.

When you’re finally dismissed, you find yourself left on the sidewalk outside the studio with nothing but your broken dreams and hundreds of other disappointed dancers to keep you company.

Rejected again... A Dancer’s Tale

Believe it or not

this is actually a pretty common story for dancer’s everywhere

It happens...

They Get Rejected

I know this “Dancer’s Tale” well because I went through this SAME THING not many years ago…

And if you are reading this page, there’s a good chance YOU are probably familiar with this cold feeling of rejection that so many dancers have experienced.

That’s why today I’m going to tell you how hundreds of dancers I work with are stepping OUT of the typical “Dancer’s Tale” and booking their dream dance gigs by joining The Groove Track.

I’ll tell you more about what The Groove Track is in just a moment

Let Me Introduce Myself


My name is Amber Tacy

I’m a dancer, athlete, human, and I’ve spent most of my life studying dance.

Dance was such a big part of my life growing up that the first time I brought my boyfriend (now fiance) home, my dad insisted on showing my boyfriend a million pictures of me dancing around the living room in my light up tutu!