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Do You Want to Be FIT, STRONG and SEXY?

It’s time to throw away the magazine workouts and fad diets. I help real people get real results with simple, effective training.


I’m Chris coulson

I’m a fitness nerd, US Navy vet, NYC celebrity trainer, and samurai. I’ll show you how to get in the best shape of your life.

Years Ago…

When I was in the military, I picked up the nickname Thor...

Yes, the Norse Thunder God.

That’s ONLY a fact I tell you because I spent most my life as a “nerdy kid” that played video games, did ALL my homework, and avoided the gym…

And most my time in the military was spent with doctors to fix my frail and broken body…

So earning the name “Thor” for becoming, quite frankly, a beast in the gym and developing athletic ability I never knew I was capable of was an impressive accomplishment given that I’d never been known for doing anything athletic in my life.



The Busy Persons’ Cheat Code To Becoming Your Own Superhero (Peter Parker To Spiderman) So You Can Trade Your Overworked, Stressed Out Lifestyle For A Life Filled With Energy And Full Body Health


If you want to STOP…



Feeling embarrassed and disappointed in yourself every time you look in the mirror


being out of shape

Setting a bad example for your kids and the people that look up to you by being out of shape

Sad business man sit in hotel room

not looking your best

Dressing like somebody that still lives in your moms basement because you hate not feeling and looking good in new clothes

Serious patient listening to advice of professional practitioner after examination

the guilt

Having doctors remind you need to change your lifestyle every you get your check up

Sad  couple after quarrel in room at home

the disappointment

Knowing your family is disappointed in you when they see how big you’ve gotten every time they come to visit

Carefree blonde woman comfort her sad crying man while they sitting in bed at home

feeling not enough

Feeling like you are disappointing your partner by not keeping your body in shape for them to feel attracted to you